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System description

The functionality of system CPROXY is based on the fact that the volume of most transferred data through the Internet is not optimized in any way. On the contrary, the usual event is that the transferred data are increased – a typical example of this phenomenon is the 7-bit transfer of email attachments.

At the same time, the volume of transferred data is the most significant factor influencing speed and even the price of connection to the network when dealing with tariffed lines.

CPROXY system ensures a highly optimized compression of data transferred through Internet. Compression and optimization are ensured by the client side of CPROXY which is installed on the user’s computer or eventually on the server of the LAN network as a mediator of the Internet connection in any company. This software externally seems to behave as the classic Proxy server, but it even allows an adjustable mapping of ports by the user. These are used, for instance, to compress and optimize email transfers and other similar things. See the picture for a closer specification about the basic functionality of CPROXY system (connection to server through CPROXY system):

Schéma činnosti systému CPROXY

You may find the same structure and functionality of the system in those of the competition. But CPROXY is distinguished by its unique condition of compression which is absolutely assured by a unique combination of algorithms of compression and optimization. This statement is based on the results obtained from an intensive testing of a wide group of users of competitor products, to which CPROXY system was also subjected as a whole before its release.

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